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Four Law School Faculty Members Cited in Scholarly Impact Rankings

JUNE 18, 2014—Four members of the University of Minnesota Law School faculty are named in a new study of scholarly impact among law professors nationwide. The study was compiled and published by Professor Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago Law school on his influential blog, Brian Leiter's Law School Reports. The new rankings list the top 10 scholars in 11 major legal specialties; scholarly impact was measured by the number of times a professor's work was cited in articles found in the Westlaw journals database for the period 2009 through 2013.

In the category of Criminal Law and Procedure, Professor Michael Tonry ranked seventh, with 580 citations. In Law & Philosophy, Professor R.A. (Antony) Duff’s 320 citations ranked him seventh as well. Herbert Kritzer's 460 citations placed him ninth in Law & Social Science (excluding economics). In the Tax category, Professor Kristin Hickman, with 310 citations, was named one of four "highly cited scholars who work partly in tax." By way of comparison, the two scholars who shared first-place honors in Tax had 400 citations each.

With four professors in these rankings, the Law School is tied with Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania for 10th place in the nation for overall scholarly impact.