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Human Rights Center Announces New Member Network for Educators

DECEMBER 5, 2012—Human Rights Educators USA (HRE USA), a newly established network that joins the global movement to build a culture of respect for human rights through education and research, officially opens for membership on International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2012.

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Center is one of the founding organizations of HRE USA, which was inspired by the 2011 U.N. Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training and its emphasis on the importance of human rights to every child's education. The network was created to promote human dignity, justice, and peace and provide members a base of support and collaboration.

HRE USA provides a wealth of research, curriculum resources, and other information and offers members opportunities to engage with working groups on various topics, such as policy and advocacy, higher education, community-based programs, and early childhood education. Among its goals are to help members:

  • Integrate human rights education into formal and non-formal educational settings
  • Foster education that promotes respect for every child's dignity, provides opportunities for meaningful participation, and upholds freedom from discrimination and violence
  • Advocate for human rights education in national and state education policies, standards, and curricula
  • Contribute to global human rights education research and scholarship

The Human Rights Center works locally, nationally, and internationally to provide training, educational materials, and assistance to professionals, students, and volunteers working to promote and protect human rights. Founded on the 40th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1988, the Human Rights Center links human rights scholarship and practice, helping advocates maximize their education, experience, and effectiveness in human rights causes around the world.

For more information on HRE USA, contact Natela Jordan, University of Minnesota Human Rights Center, home@umn.edu or 612-625-2857.


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