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Law School Hosts Sept. 17 Constitution Day Program

AUGUST 27, 2012—On behalf of the entire University of Minnesota system, the Law School will present its annual We the People: Constitution Day program on Monday, September 17, 2012, in the Law School's Lockhart Hall (Room 25) from 12:15-1:30 p.m.

This year's program, "The U.S. Supreme Court Decision on the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA): Explanations and Consequences," will feature a panel discussion on implications of the ACA for the legal profession. Event #171989 has been approved for one CLE credit.

Speakers and panel participants:

  • Professor Stephen F. Befort, Associate Dean for Research & Planning, who will introduce the speakers and moderate the panel discussion
  • Professor Fred L. Morrison, who will review the U.S. Supreme Court decision and its constitutional consequences
  • Professor Ralph F. Hall, who will discuss the political landscape, the nature and extent of possible legislative and regulatory changes depending on who wins the upcoming presidential election, and the potential impact on access to devices, drugs, and other medical technologies
  • Professor Mitchell E. Zamoff, former Chief Legal Officer, UnitedHealthcare and General Counsel, UnitedHealth Group, and Vanessa Laird, Executive Leadership Fellow, Center for Integrative Leadership, University of Minnesota and former General Counsel, Optum, who will, respectively, summarize key ACA provisions affecting how healthcare is provided and paid for, focusing on parts that may be subject to dispute and litigation as full implementation proceeds, and discuss the shifting roles of lawyers in health care work that may result from the Act and other developments