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Law School to Host ABA Student Negotiation Competition

OCTOBER 31, 2011—On Nov. 5-6, 2011, the Law School will, for the first time, host the 2011-12 Region 7 ABA Law Student Division Negotiation Competition. Ten U.S. and Canadian law schools are sending 50 law student competitors and faculty to the event, and approximately 50 practicing Twin Cities lawyers will judge the competition.

The competition consists of simulations in which all student lawyers know a common set of facts, and those representing a particular side know additional confidential information. The same general topic carries through all simulations, but the negotiation situation varies with each round and level of the competition.

Teams consist of two J.D. candidates from each ABA-approved (or Canadian LSAC-approved) law school, negotiating to resolve a dispute or reach an agreement on behalf of their client. In two qualifying rounds, each team negotiates directly against one other team and indirectly against two other teams. The top four teams advance to the final round, and the first-place team advances to the national finals.

Negotiation is an important skill in all areas of legal practice, and it requires effective communication and the ability to quickly assess the interests of both clients and adversaries. The ABA Law Student Division Negotiation Competition offers students an opportunity to practice and improve their negotiating proficiency.

The two University of Minnesota Law School teams, Bobby Mir (’12) and Ben Tozer (’12) on one team and David Morine (’12) and Jade Holman (’13) on the other, will travel to Kansas City this same weekend with their faculty coach, Mary Alton, to compete in Region 5.

For more information, contact Professor John Matheson at mathe001@umn.edu or Jenna Nand (’12) at nandx004@umn.edu.