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Law School to Host Annual Constitution Day Program, Sept. 16

August 11, 2011—On behalf of the entire University of Minnesota system, the University of Minnesota Law School will present a program on Constitution Day, Sept. 16, 2011, commemorating the U.S. Constitution. Event #158993 approved for one CLE credit.

We the People: Constitution Day
September 16, 2011
University of Minnesota Law School
Lockhart Hall (Room 25)
12:15–1:15 p.m.



I. Introduction
Alexandra B. Klass, Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Solly Robins Distinguished Research Fellow

II. "Campaign Finance Reform and the First Amendment: 40 Years in (Very Brief) Review"
Heidi Kitrosser, Julius E. Davis Professor of Law

This summer, the Supreme Court decided Arizona Free Enterprise v. Bennett. In Bennett, the Court struck down an Arizona financing scheme that sought to provide publicly financed candidates with funds equal to those expended on behalf of their privately financed opponents. While the case is important in itself, it is but the latest development in a nearly forty-year history of Supreme Court case law on First Amendment challenges to campaign finance reform measures. In this presentation, Professor Kitrosser will briefly summarize major aspects of the first amendment case law on campaign finance law and situate the Bennett case in that larger context.

III. "From Roper, to Graham, to J.D.B.: Considering the Court's ‘Kids are Different’ Jurisprudence"
Perry Moriearty, Clinical Professor of Law

In June 2011, the Supreme Court decided J.D.B. v. North Carolina, holding that a child's age is a relevant factor in determining whether the child is "in custody" for purposes of Miranda v. Arizona. J.D.B. is the most recent of three major decisions issued by the Court over the last six years which affirm the fundamental premise that "children cannot be viewed simply as miniature adults" under the law. In this talk, Professor Moriearty will describe and discuss the broader implications of these decisions.