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Law School Announces Judicial Law Clerk Post-Graduate Fellowship

JULY 22, 2009—The University of Minnesota Law School is proud to introduce the Fourth Judicial District Law Clerk Post-Graduate Fellowship. The Law School will award up to five Judicial Law Clerk Post-Graduate Fellowships. Fellows are required to work a total of 400 hours and will receive an award of $5,000.


Applications are open to 2009 graduates of the University of Minnesota Law School who have taken the bar exam or will take it in July 2009. Graduates are not eligible if they have secured another permanent law or law clerk position, regardless of the start date of that employment.

Placement in the top 50% of the Law School class is preferred. Successful applicants will have knowledge of general law, state law, established precedent, sources of legal reference, court practices and procedures, and legal terminology and concepts. They will be able to communicate clearly and concisely in both oral and written forms with diverse audiences, research complex legal questions and apply legal principles, represent the court in a respectful manner, establish and maintain effective working relationships, and skillfully use word processing and legal research software.


Fellows will perform professional legal work under general supervision of a justice, judge, or other legal officials in the Fourth Judicial District. Duties involve legal research and other related clerical or administrative work in preparation of memoranda, opinions, or orders for judges or court officials concerning the cases before them. Fellows’ work is reviewed through conferences and written reports.

Some examples of a Judicial Law Clerk’s responsibilities may include review, research, and annotation of laws, court decisions, documents, opinions, and briefs; preparation of briefs, legal memoranda, statements of issues, and appropriate suggestions or recommendations; compilation of references on laws and decisions necessary for legal determinations; conferring with justice, judge, or court official on legal questions, construction of documents, and granting of orders; attendance at oral arguments to record necessary case information; maintenance of records attendant to court proceedings; and performance of such courtroom duties as calling the calendar, swearing in jury panels and witnesses, taking court minutes, and assisting in arraignments, motions, hearings, pre-trial conferences, and trials.

Fellows are required to work a total of 400 hours, at 30 hours per week. Fellows are paid as employees of the Fourth Judicial District and receive paychecks, with proper withholding, according to the Judicial District’s regularly scheduled payroll process.


Applicants are required to prepare the following supplemental material:

  • Rank in order of interest the following types of law: family, civil, criminal, and juvenile.
  • Describe what would make you a successful clerk in each area.

To apply for a Fellowship, upload your resume, cover letter, supplemental material, and a short writing sample into Symplicity. The deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 14. The Fourth Judicial District will notify applicants who receive an interview.


For additional information about the Post-Graduate Fellowship Program, please contact Dana Bartocci, Employer Relations Coordinator, Career and Professional Development Center, University of Minnesota Law School, at bartocci@umn.edu bartocci@umn.edu or 612-625-4694.