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Lindquist & Vennum Supports Students and Law School’s Momentum

The Twin Cities law firm of Lindquist & Vennum PLLP, a long-time partner with the Law School on many fronts, recently made a $500,000 gift commitment: The Law School will receive $250,000 to endow a scholarship in the firm's name and $250,000 to create a dean's discretionary fund for new initiatives.

In announcing this gift commitment, Lindquist & Vennum's managing partner, Daryle Uphoff, noted the Law School's importance to the Twin Cities–based firm. "Since the inception of Lindquist & Vennum, the University of Minnesota Law School has been a significant partner by continuing to be one of the country's premier legal education institutions and by providing high-quality attorneys."

The Lindquist & Vennum PLLP Scholarship is the third scholarship fund at this law school for which the firm has provided major support, including the Stein Scholars fund and the Leonard Lindquist Scholarship for students dedicated to community service, the latter endowed by the firm to honor their unforgettable founding partner.

With this new fund, Lindquist & Vennum took advantage of the President's Scholarship Match program currently in effect: The University doubles income payout dollar-for-dollar in perpetuity, rendering the impact of the scholarship portion of the firm's gift equivalent to that of a $500,000 gift (i.e., a full-tuition scholarship for a Minnesota resident law student).

The Lindquist & Vennum Dean's Fund provides current and future deans with the invaluable ability to pursue issues, opportunities, and initiatives as they evolve.

"We are deeply grateful to the outstanding leadership and partners at Lindquist & Vennum for responding to the Law School's critical need for scholarship dollars and for facilitating the types of strategic initiatives that will help us become a world-class Law School," says co-dean Guy Charles. "We are proud to link the University of Minnesota Law School with the venerable law firm of Lindquist & Vennum in creating the Lindquist & Vennum Scholarship and Lindquist & Vennum Dean’s Fund."

The firm's total contributions to the University of Minnesota now surpass $1 million, with nearly all of its support designated to the Law School. In addition, at last count, individual partners of the firm have contributed more than $300,000 to the Law School.

The Law School is proud to recognize its close association with Lindquist & Vennum and the firm's generosity by dedicating the former Dean's Conference Room (385) as the "Lindquist & Vennum Conference Room."