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Minn. Law Review Launches Online Companion Journal

MAY 18, 2009—The Minnesota Law Review board and staff are pleased to announce the launch of Minnesota Law Review Headnotes, an online companion to the print journal. The new online journal can be accessed at www.minnesotalawreview.org.

Headnotes was created to offer online-only content complementing the print journal as well as interactive features and searchable archives. One exclusive online feature of Headnotes is timely responses, in a shorter and less formal style, of prominent scholars to articles published in the Minnesota Law Review.

In its premiere issue, Headnotes offers comments, on articles published in Volume 93, by George Washington University Law School Prof. Orin S. Kerr, Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Public & Environmental Affairs Prof. Lisa Blomgren Bingham and Associate Prof. David H. Good, and the Law School’s Associate Prof. Alexandra B. Klass.

Additional highlights of Headnotes:

  • Comment area after each published response for readers to post thoughts and suggestions
  • Video of speakers at past Minnesota Law Review symposiums
  • Newsletter for Law Review alumni
  • Tab to submit responses for consideration
  • Access to archives of all articles published in Volume 84 (1999-2000) to the present and limited coverage of Volume 83 (1998), in Adobe pdf format
  • Archives searchable by author, title, or (for most recent volumes) text of abstract
  • Archives browsable by area of law
  • Availability on Westlaw and LexisNexis coming soon

Minnesota Law Review is published six times each academic year (November, December, February, April, May, and June). At present, the response section of Headnotes is published in the fall and spring. Inclusion of additional issues in the archives section is ongoing.