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Law School Springs Forward to New Web Site

MARCH 8, 2008 — The University of Minnesota Law School takes a leap of its own in a leap-year redesign of its Web site, which launched March 8. The site has been revamped to provide easier access and more substantive information for prospective and current students, alumni, and the legal community.

The Law School communications and IT departments and outside consultants have been working for months on the new site, which will increase efficiencies, decrease costs of communication, and provide a flexible foundation for future communication and technology needs.

Current changes constitute Phase I of the redesign project. Phase II will include additional enhancements and incremental changes to the public site. It also will bring the Local site into the new design throughout the summer and fall.

This, the public site at the usual URL, contains information for prospective students, alumni, and the general public. Access is unrestricted.

The library, journals, institutes, and moot courts pages may be accessed from this site, but they remain in the old design for now.

A second section, the local site, can be reached by choosing Law Local in the quick links box, clicking on Current Students in the banner, or entering the URL local.law.umn.edu. The local site contains contents of the Current Student section on the old site as well as internal resources for faculty and staff. It will retain the old design until it is transitioned in Phase II.
[EDIT May 7, 2009: local.law.umn.edu has effectively been retired. The restricted access portion of this site has not been moved to inside.law.umn.edu.]

Access to the local site is restricted to students, staff and faculty, allowing secure internal communication among these groups. In Phase II we will move some resources from our intranet to the local site to make them easier to access for the Law School community while still protecting them from public view.

“This new Web site, like the Law School itself, is focused on the future,” note the Law School’s co-deans, Guy-Uriel Charles and Fred Morrison.