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Professor Orfield Joins Obama’s Urban Policy Committee

AUGUST 8, 2008—Myron Orfield, Julius E. Davis Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Institute on Race & Poverty at the University of Minnesota Law School, has accepted an invitation to join presidential candidate Barack Obama’s Urban Policy Committee.

Before the general election, committee members offer input on public campaign statements regarding urban policy. In addition, some speak on topics of particular expertise or experience, and some explain or confirm information for the press after speeches or policy releases.

Obama has been gathering urban policy advisers for several months as he plans for the creation of a White House Office of Urban Policy. The aim is to establish an office that coordinates activities and funding for federal urban programs, now spread across various departments, including housing and urban development, transportation, and labor and commerce.

Professor Orfield served as the Fesler-Lampert Chair in Urban and Regional Affairs for 2005-06 and is a nonresident senior fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. He has done extensive research and writing on fair housing, local government structure, land use, and demographics in American metropolitan areas.


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