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Prof. Goodwin to Chair AALS Committee to Review Scholarly Papers

JANUARY 31, 2011—Michael A. Olivas, President of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), has selected Professor Michele Goodwin to chair the Committee to Review Scholarly Papers for the Annual Meeting. Goodwin will serve as chair for a two-year term, through the end of the 2013 Annual Meeting.

The AALS Executive Committee recently implemented structural changes to the Committee to Review Scholarly Papers at the Annual Meeting, formerly chaired by the AALS President. Goodwin is the first faculty member to serve as the Committee’s chair under a new faculty-chair model. She will play an important role in developing new procedures for reviewing AALS scholarly paper submissions and will have the honor of introducing scholarly paper winners at the AALS annual meeting. She is also the first to chair the committee since its transition from a Special Committee to a Standing Committee, a designation that extends beyond a single meeting.

The AALS is a nonprofit association, made up of 171 law schools and representing more than 10,000 law faculty, that seeks to improve the legal profession through legal education. It serves as an academic society for law teachers and as legal education’s primary representative to the federal government and national higher education organizations. The AALS Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of law faculty in the world.

The AALS Scholarly Papers Competition was initiated in 1988 to encourage and recognize legal scholarship and expand participation among newer law teachers.


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