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Prof. Morrison Co-Chairs Search Committee for Pres. Kaler’s Assistant for Government Relations

SEPTEMBER 26, 2011—Law School Professor Fred Morrison and University VP and CFO Richard H. Pfutzenreuter III will co-chair the search committee for a new Special Assistant to the President for Government Relations, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler announced in a Sept. 23 email memo to the University community.

Among the job’s responsibilities are communicating to the state and federal governments the University’s value and impact and creating opportunities for the University community to help advance its legislative agenda, activities that are "critical to the University’s success," Kaler said.

Both co-chairs have valuable applicable experience: Morrison from serving as the faculty’s legislative liaison and Pfutzenreuter from working with the legislature on the University’s biennial and capital requests. Thirteen additional members complete the search committee, providing wide-ranging perspectives from inside and outside the University system.

The position (formerly called Associate Vice President for Government Relations) will be vacant Jan. 11, 2012, with the retirement of Donna Peterson, who has served the University for 22 years. Administrators hope to select a candidate by the end of 2011.

The search process is being coordinated through KeyStone Search. For further information about the position, contact Lars Leafblad at 612-375-8900 or larsl@keystonesearch.com.



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