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Profs. Cook and McGeveran Named Fall 2012 Fellows at Institute for Advanced Study

JANUARY 3, 2012—Clinical Professor Nancy Cook and Associate Professor William McGeveran have been named Residential Fellows at the University‚Äôs Institute for Advanced Study for fall 2012. They are among a total of 11 Fellows selected out of 45 applicants from across the University this year who will be released from teaching obligations to pursue their research interests full time in the interdisciplinary community of scholars at the Institute.

Through her "Witness Project," Cook intends to create and implement strategies for the collection, narrative development, and dissemination of stories about, by, and for populations underserved by the justice system. She plans to generate professional development opportunities, experiment with several writing formats, and develop publication resources through the project, which is aimed at fostering a broad range of disciplined writing projects and promoting diverse educational practices. Her work will involve collaborations with existing service providers, law and literary professionals, and educators.

McGeveran is investigating measures to regulate the use of pseudonyms, screen names, and other identifiers on the Internet through his project, entitled "Self and Selves: Public and Private Regulation of Online Identification." Although some clearer public laws and private rules about identity may be necessary in response to concerns about individual accountability, law enforcement, intellectual property protection, and other issues, McGeveran maintains that how such rules are designed is important. He hopes to determine, through the interdisciplinary environment of the Institute, a system that respects individual autonomy and privacy.

Each year the Institute for Advanced Study selects up to 20 University of Minnesota faculty members to work on approved research projects. By providing physical space to bring scholars together, the Institute strives to facilitate inspiration and collaboration and to ignite creative study and discovery. Scholars also share their work formally through scheduled events and presentations, including an annual symposium highlighting innovative research initiatives.


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