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Stein Assumes Presidency of
Uniform Law Commission

AUGUST 4, 2009—Robert A. Stein, the University of Minnesota Law School’s Everett Fraser Professor and of counsel with Gray Plant Mooty, was elected to a two-year term as president of the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) at it annual meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in July 2009.

Stein has been active in the ULC since 1973 and has served on numerous drafting committees, including the Uniform Principal and Income Act and the Uniform Prudent Investor Act. He chaired the Scope and Program Committee and the drafting committee for the Uniform Law on Notarial Acts and just completed a two-year term as chair of the Executive Committee.

As President, Stein will guide the ULC in its current work on legislation to serve military and overseas civilian absentee voters and revision of the Model State Administrative Procedures Act and the Uniform Law on Notarial Acts.

In addition, he led the ULC Executive Committee in the recent creation of a new committee focusing on federalism and state law. With current expansion of the federal government, Stein says, "the ULC needs to think strategically about how best to advance public understanding of the importance of state law in the intricate cooperative balance between federal and state laws."

Founded in 1892 to draft and promote enactment of statutes in areas where uniformity among states would be advantageous, the ULC is composed of more than 300 uniform law commissioners from each state and territory. Membership, now exceeding 350, consists of practicing attorneys, judges, law professors, and state officials who are appointed by their state and donate their time as a public service.

The ULC has proposed more than 200 uniform acts since its creation. The most recent, approved at the 2009 annual meeting, are the Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act, the Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, the Uniform Statutory Trust Entity Act, and the Uniform Law Enforcement Access to Entity Information Act.

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