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Justice Clarence Thomas, Prof. David Stras To Teach Spring Seminar

NOVEMBER 6, 2009—United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Professor David Stras will co-teach a special one-credit seminar on Selected Fundamental Principles of Constitutional Law this spring. Some of the topics to be discussed include judicial review, separation of powers, the Commerce Clause, and federalism.

The intensive seminar will be offered during a three-week period in the spring semester. Only enrolled Law Students will be permitted in the course, with registration limited to a maximum of 20 2Ls and 20 3Ls.

As the Law School continues with its curricular reforms and its efforts to combine public policy and practical concerns, greater efforts have been made to bring prominent jurists and leading scholars to the Law School as guest lecturers and faculty. The objective is to provide the Law School's students with a wide variety of viewpoints on cutting-edge legal and policy issues.

In spring 2009, Justice Thomas visited the Law School as a Jurist-in-Residence, co-sponsored by the Institute on Law and Politics.

For more information on the seminar, contact Prof. Stras.

Portrait of Justice Clarence Thomas

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Portrait of David Stras

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