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Summer Study Abroad Programs at Other Universities

With prior permission, students are able to pursue summer programs for foreign study offered by other law schools. Virtually every U.S. law school now sponsors at least one summer program in conjunction with a foreign institution. Programs range from 2-6 weeks in length, giving students time before or after the program to travel or work.

Most summer programs focus on a substantive area of the law (e.g. environmental, comparative, business, human rights), and many attract prominent legal scholars as lecturers. All instruction is in English. Students typically earn 4-6 credits, and all coursework must be approved in advance.

The costs of summer programs vary widely, as do the living accommodations. Financial aid can apply.

Students can research potential summer abroad opportunities at the following Web sites:



To learn more about any study abroad option, please read the "Introduction to Study Abroad" brochure.