The Labor Lawyer

In 2009, the University of Minnesota Law School becomes the new editorial home of The Labor Lawyer, the publication of the American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law. Published since 1985, the journal provides balanced discussions of current developments in labor and employment law to meet the practical needs of attorneys, judges, administrators and the public. The journal’s circulation includes the 27,000 members of the ABA Section. Editorial work on the journal is a faculty-student collaboration. Faculty co-editors are Stephen F. Befort and Laura J. Cooper.

The 2009-2010 student editorial board:

Editor in Chief:

Jack Sullivan

Note and Article Editors:

Matt Hurm, Jillian Kornblatt

Managing Editors:

Tim Louris, David Redden, Anthony Todero

An eight-member staff of second-year law students will write student notes and participate in the editorial process.

Staff members:

Emily Adams, David Aron, Brittany Billehus, Dayton Cheatham, Jeffrey Dilger, David Erickson, Adam Matheson, Tyler Wiese

The Minnesota student and faculty editors are advised by an Editorial Board from the ABA Section, chaired by W. V. Bernie Siebert of the Denver, Colo., law firm of Sherman & Howard. Other members of the Editorial Board are Jason Robert Bent, Robert M. Dohrmann, Laura B. Friedel, John H. Gretzinger, Matthew C. Helland, Elana Ruth Hollo, Paul W. Iversen and Marilyn Schaffner Teitelbaum.

The Labor Lawyer invites article submissions. Manuscripts should generally not be in excess of 40 pages, with text and footnotes both double spaced, and in 12-point Times Roman font. Manuscripts or inquiries should be directed to:

Professor Stephen F. Befort, 612-625-7342,, or
Professor Laura J. Cooper, 612-625-4320,

University of Minnesota Law School
Mondale Hall
229 Nineteenth Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Previous issues of The Labor Lawyer, through Volume 22, Issue 1, and an index of Volumes 1 through 21, are archived at: