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DVD Archives

Purchase your copy of TORT productions today. Below is ordering information for all current and past TORT DVDs. Apply the proper coupon code on checkout to receive a 15-20% discount on the DVD.

A Mid-Semester Night's Dream (2010) - Disk 1

A Mid-Semester Night's Dream (2010) - Disk 2

It's a Wonderful Law School (2009) - Use Coupon Code 8MSQHJ5R

Robin Hood, Esq. (2008) - Use Coupon Code 22GK9ZSC

Frankenlaw (2007) - Use Coupon Code 24VQQR9D

West Bank Story (2006) - Use Coupon Code JE6NBHVT

Walter Wonka and the Lawyer Factory (2005) - Use Coupon Code HU32RY42