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Below are short descriptions of the current openings that the University of Minnesota Law School has to offer. To see the full descriptions, please follow the link after the short description, select if you’re an External Applicant, Student, or Current U Employee, and then type in the job opening number at the top of the Search Jobs prompt. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

5/4/2020 Update - During this pandemic, the University is committed to utilizing its unique expertise and resources to serve the people of Minnesota. From designing new medical equipment to searching for a preventative vaccine, the University is at the fore of the fight against COVID-19. As University employees, we are all proud to be part of this collective effort and are pleased that you, too, are interested in joining the University community. Right now, President Gable, her administration, and the Board of Regents, are making decisions about how to best allocate time and resources to support the University’s most critical functions. Because the University has reduced operations, and non-critical employees are not allowed on campus, they have put in place a system-wide hiring freeze that will be in effect until further notice.


Adjunct Professor

Consider teaching as an adjunct and work with energetic students, make connections with colleagues and keep in touch with the academic community, help develop the next generation of lawyer-leaders, and gain a deeper understanding of the material. 

There are four options for teaching as an Adjunct Professor:

  1. Core Course - traditional course with support from prior Law School professors, choose a textbook and develop your own syllabus. (Examples: Trademark Law, Labor Law, Secured Transactions, etc.)
  2. Turnkey Course - course with the syllabus, readings, lesson plans, and exercises already designed. With support from program directors, your main role is to prepare for class and teach. (Examples: Legal Research & Writing, Legal Writing II, Law in Practice, etc.)
  3. Custom Course - develop a new course using your expertise on a specialized legal topic that is particularly relevant to today’s law students. (Examples: Campaign Finance and Election Law, Law and Social Media, and Marijuana Law & Policy)
  4. Independent Field Placement - work with one or two students at your office. The student gains a meaningful legal experience and you gain a helpful intern. 50-100 hours per semester and supervised by a Law School faculty member. (Examples: Private law firms, Public law practices, Corporate legal departments)

For more information on all courses, please contact Legal Writing Director, Chris Soper at or Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, William McGeveran at

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