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Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program brings accomplished mid-career professionals from selected developing nations to the United States for a year of professional development, academic study, and cultural exchange. The program is sponsored by the United States Department of State and is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program was initiated in 1978, in honor of the late U.S. Senator and Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and his lifelong commitment to human rights, international cooperation, and public service. Through the program, nearly 500 Humphrey Fellows from more than 100 different countries have come to the University of Minnesota to pursue leadership and professional development activities. This year’s program includes 167 Fellows from 90 countries who are being hosted by 15 campuses throughout the United States.

Each year, a cohort of about a dozen Humphrey Fellows with professional interests in human rights and other fields of law is assigned to the University of Minnesota Law School. The Human Rights Center, the Law School, and the University of Minnesota work together to assist each Fellow to achieve his/her program goals. Collaboration among University faculty, alumni, an extensive network of affiliated professionals, host families, and the Fellows themselves creates an extraordinary environment for cross-cultural learning. The Human Rights Center works closely with the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, which hosts its own cohort of Humphrey Fellows whose professional interests focus on public administration.

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