• Torts – 6005

    Fall 2018




  • Student Year
    1L, LL.M.
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    A - F
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The course in Torts explores private law remedies for harms arising out of intentional and accidental conduct. Tort law allows private citizens to bring lawsuits against persons, corporations, and governmental entities for money damages and, where appropriate, equitable relief such as injunctions. This contrasts with criminal law, which provides for government suits against individuals and entities that cause harm, with prison sentences and criminal fines available as remedies. Tort law also stands in contrast with contract law in the sense that torts are typically nonconsensual events, rather than agreed-upon relationships between parties in a contractual relationship. We will be discussing broadly the legal standards that must be met in order to obtain relief for tortious conduct, the theoretical justifications for those standards, and the alternative rules that, for one reason or another, have not been preserved or adopted by courts and legislatures. In doing so we will cover a variety of different tort claims, including battery, assault, negligence, nuisance, trespass, strict liability for abnormally dangerous activities, and strict products liability.

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