• Corporations – 6012

    Spring 2014




  • Course Equivalency

    Students may NOT earn credit if Law 6072 Corporations or Law 6051 BA/Corps was previously completed.

    Subject Area
    • Business Law *
    • Corporate Law
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This course covers basic rules regulating the creation and operation of corporations. It covers such matters as corporation organization; the distribution of powers among the corporate board of directors, its officers, and its stockholders; the proxy system; control devices in the close corporation; and the fiduciary duties of directors, officers and controlling shareholders. This is a course for first year students only; it differs from the upper-level Business Association/Corporation (BA/Corps) course in that it does not cover the law of multi-person unincorporated business organizations. That law is covered in more detail in the Unincorporated Business Associations course.There will be two, graded class partner exercises during the semester (whereby you must work with a partner in the class of your choice and which will account for a total of 30% of your grade) and an open book, in-class final examination (which must be done individually and which will account for 60% of your grade). Individual class participation will also be evaluated (10% of your grade).

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