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In this age of globalization, leadership and professionalism within the legal profession takes on new and complex meanings. Research has demonstrated that introducing legal practitioners to emotional intelligence competencies impacts their professionalism and professional identity by increasing their ability to persuade, advocate, influence, and communicate.

In this course students will begin to develop their personal leadership identity and explore how that identity is influenced by culture. Students will explore what it means for the lawyer to be a leader. They will be challenged to: determine their professional strengths and developmental points; consider how individual personality and cultural traits affect group processes in legal institutions; explore the contextual nature of professionalism and how to adjust techniques based upon cultural cues (especially in international settings); navigate professional, legal settings to maximize their organizational impact; and discover and develop various leadership skills.

Classes will generally consist of a discussion of leadership theories covered in the text as well as individual and small group exercises that explore relevant emotional intelligence competencies, leadership issues and concepts of professionalism.


Spring 2016

Spring 2015

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