• Corporate Externship – 6035

    Summer 2016




  • Prerequisites

    6012/6072 Corps 1 or 6051 BA/Corps

    Grad. Requirements
    • Experiential Learning
    Subject Area
    • Business Law *
    • Corporate Law
    Student Year
    Upper Division
    Grade Base
    Course type

In this program, students are placed in company law departments to experience the work of in-house counsel. Students receive 3 credits for 150 hours, to be completed over a 6- to 8-week period. Students work with substantive areas of law such as corporate policies and codes of conduct, employment law, vendor and supplier agreements, SEC filings and documents, international and comparative law, finance, and intellectual property. Students also participate in or observe meetings, telephone or video conferences, and company events to experience day-to-day work of in-house counsel.

The instructor matches students and companies using a questionnaire. Students also attend two on-campus workshops and complete written assignments, including journals of their experiences. This class is available to students who have completed the 2L year.

This course usually is offered as a summer program. It also is possible to take this course as an Independent Field Placement, advised by any member of the Law School’s Business Law faculty.

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