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LAW 6872 Immigration Law or LAW 6886 International Human Rights Law

Grad. Requirements

Experiential Learning

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Human Rights *
Immigration Law *
Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Advocacy
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    Upper Division
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The Immigration Outreach and Education Externship is a year-long externship course, taught by human rights experts from The Advocates for Human Rights, and in collaboration with the Center for New Americans. In this course you will learn about immigration policy from a human rights perspective, and you will put that learning to work in the real world by developing and engaging in important outreach and education initiatives.

The course has two components.

First, students will attend weekly class sessions and/or group project meetings lasting approximately 1 - 2 hours.  The class sessions will cover a diverse range of topics related to the history and evolution of immigration policy in the United States, as well as current issues being debated on the local and national levels, with a special focus on how human rights can inform public policy. The classroom component will also introduce students to the tools that advocates use to effect positive change in law, policy, and our communities. 

Second, students will undertake project field work through The Advocates for Human Rights on selected outreach and educational projects, which may include border policy related to undocumented Central American children or immigrant labor protections, among others.

Students will be evaluated on an Honors/Pass/Low Pass/Fail basis. There is no final exam; students will instead write a short reflective paper.  There are no prerequisites, but students are encouraged to take Immigration Law and/or International Human Rights Law.

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