• First Amendment - Speech and Religion – 6083

    Spring 2016




  • Course Equivalency

    Students may NOT earn credit if LAW 6241 First Amendment Law, LAW 6014 Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights & Liberties Survey, or LAW 6082 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights & Liberties Survey was previously completed.

    Grad. Requirements
    • Upper Division Constitutional Law
    Subject Area
    • Constitutional Law
    Student Year
    Upper Division
    Course type

An in-depth inquiry into the First Amendment, including both the doctrine and theory of free expression. Topics will include political incitement and public fora; hate speech; obscenity and pornography; campaign finance reform and commercial speech; mass media regulation and access to government and compelled speech and associational rights. The religion clauses will also be covered. Religion clause coverage may include school prayer and parochial school vouchers; religious exemptions and accommodation; and government-sponsored religious symbols.

The exam will be an 8-hour, open-book and open-note essay exam with a word limit.  The instructor also may adjust student grades up or down by one increment as warranted for participation.

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