• Criminal Procedure: Investigation – 6085

    Spring 2021




  • Course Equivalency

    Students may NOT earn credit if LAW 6218 Criminal Procedure was completed previously.

    Grad. Requirements
    • Upper Division Constitutional Law
    Subject Area
    • Constitutional Law
    • Criminal Justice *
    Student Year
    Upper Division, LL.M.
    Grade Base
    A - F
    Course type

NOTE: Versions of this course taught before Fall 2015 appear on transcripts as LAW 6218.

This course explores the constitutional constraints on the conduct of police investigations, focusing primarily on the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. The course will cover the Supreme Court’s key cases on searches and seizures, police interrogations, and the remedies that follow from constitutional violations. Time permitting, the course will also address topical issues, such as stop and frisk, the use of force, and electronic surveillance.

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