• Business Finance, Accounting, and Strategy for Lawyers – 6101





Students may NOT earn credit if they have already taken 6112 Accounting & Finance for Lawyers or 6810 MBA Concepts for Lawyers.

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Business Law *
Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Tax Law
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    Upper Division, LL.M.
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The course surveys foundational concepts, analytical techniques, and practices related to finance, accounting, and strategic management issues lawyers confront when working with business executives either as an outside consulting attorney or as an inside corporate counsel.  The overall aim of the course is to give law students basic proficiency in finance, accounting, and strategy so that they can better appreciate the broader business context of legal decision-making, and so that they can contribute more effectively as a member of a firm’s top management team. 

The pedagogical approach of this course is important.  Professors Vaaler and Meyer will introduce and conclude this semester-long course with team-taught sessions.  Between these team-taught sessions, Professor Meyer will cover the business finance and accounting sessions in the first half of the semester, and Professor Vaaler will cover the business strategy sessions in the second half of the semester. 

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