• Antitrust – 6207

    Spring 2020




  • Subject Area
    • Administrative & Regulatory Law
    • Business Law *
    Student Year
    Upper Division, LL.M.
    Grade Base
    A - F
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The course in Antitrust will focus on competition, how that term has been defined by the court and agencies, and the role that competition plays in society. We will study the federal antitrust statutes and the case interpretation and application of those statutes. To put antitrust in perspective, the interdisciplinary nature of the subject will be emphasized, including the historical debates, enforcement trends and economic theories. The antitrust substantive law will cover horizontal restraints (between competitors), vertical restraints (franchise or distributional restrictions), monopolies (market power), mergers, and price discrimination. We also will focus on procedural issues relevant in both public and private enforcement suits. The goals and objectives of the course are to teach: 1) the substantive law of antitrust, 2) the relevant procedural and litigation issues, 3) the economic analysis of antitrust issues and 4) the historical and doctrinal development of antitrust. There will be a final examination.

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