• Environmental and Energy Justice Capstone – 6412



Grad. Requirements

Experiential Learning
Upper Division Legal Writing

Subject Area

Environmental & Energy Law *
International Law *
  • Student Year
    Upper Division
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This course will focus on the complex justice issues surrounding 1) environmental harms and benefits and 2) the production and use of energy. We will consider these two topics individually, as well as their interrelationship. This substantive overview will be paired with group projects on a variety of pressing environmental and energy justice issues at different levels of government that will allow students to engage what making progress in this area means in practice. Each class session will be divided between discussing that day’s topics in environmental and energy justice law and learning from our class projects. Students will work in teams, which will be required to meet for one hour a week in addition to the three hours of scheduled class time. Grades will be based on students’ written and editorial work regarding the class project (90%), oral presentations (5%), and class participation. This course will meet the senior writing requirement and will provide opportunities for interaction with leading practitioners and policymakers through the projects and guest lectures.


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