• International Law – 6602

    Fall 2012




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    • Human Rights *
    • International Law *
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The first class meeting will be Tuesday, September 4, at 11:15a.m. in room N204 Mondale.

Books. The primary text is Murphy, Principles of InternationalLaw, 2nd edition (!!). Please note that this is a new edition thatappeared only this month; do not buy a used book, because it will bethe old edition.

Some passages from Dunoff, Ratner and Wippman, International Law: Norms, Actors, Process (3rd edition) are also assigned. They areavailable in a course packet.

Both of these items can be purchased at the Law School Bookstore.

Assignments for the first week: Tuesday, Sept. 4: Murphy, pages 1-30. Wednesday, Sept. 5: The Rainbow Warrior, Dunoff, Ratner &Wippman, pages 17-34.

I will send you a full syllabus for the course by e-mail duringthe last week in August.

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