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Students may NOT earn credit if LAW 5624 Strategic Management of Intellectual Property was previously completed.

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Intellectual Property and Technology *
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    Upper Division
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Strategic Management of Intellectual Property (SMIP):

Firms competing in a knowledge economy depend increasingly on intellectual property (“IP”): patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, domain names. Adroit firms understand that IP-based competition demands close coordination between legal and strategic management executives. SMIP introduces you to fundamental IP concepts, competitive strategies and public policy challenges from legal and strategic management perspectives. Learn how the scope of IP protection and legal weaponry to vindicate IP rights has changed substantially in the past 15 years. Learn how IP management fits within a broader strategy for sustained profitability in high-tech industries. Learn how firm IP strategy to limit competitors is reconciled with antitrust policies promoting competition. Learn how managers price IP-protected products and services differently in developed versus developing economies. Come away with legal and managerial tools for applying IP-based strategies that will advance your firm and career.


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