• Health Care Decision-Making: Markets, Regulation and Bioethics – 6630



Grad. Requirements

Upper Division Legal Writing

Subject Area

Health Law & Bioethics *
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    Upper Division
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This class will focus on health care decision-making. Bioethics has a rich history in jurisprudence and ethical theory. At the same time, medical decisions often involve assumptions about legal outcomes and potential liability, profit-making opportunities, and government regulation. This class will focus on health-care decision-making at the beginning and end of life, the role of informed consent, the influence of potential tort liability, the framework for the introduction of new technologies, and the growing impact of medical tourism. It will include drafting exercises that explore the role of lawyers in shaping health care decisions and policy discussions about emerging issues in health care and bioethics. By the end of the course, students will be able to recognize bioethics issues, identify interested stakeholders, consider alternative ways of including stakeholders in medical decision-making such as protocols for informed consent, recognize the limits of private decision-making, explore the public policy implications of new developments, and propose appropriate legislation or regulation to address emerging issues.


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