• Feminist Legal Theory Seminar – 6645



Grad. Requirements

Upper Division Legal Writing

Subject Area

Human Rights *
Public Law
  • Student Year
    Upper Division
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This seminar is intended to give students a critical and thought-provoking introduction to important issues and the theorists who have advanced them in the field of feminist legal theory. The seminar seeks to encourage a wide-ranging and diverse conversation about gender and the law, specifically about utilizing feminist theory as a means of understanding and critiquing our legal system and its norms. We will discuss specific applications of theory to law and social policy, including topics related to work and wealth distribution, intimate and familial relationships, power and violence, identity performance (including masculinities), constraints on agency, and the regulation of sexuality. Internal debates and points of tension within feminist analysis will be addressed, including critical race feminism, intersectionality analysis and governance feminism. Students will be expected to engage in and develop their own theoretical analyses, in writing for the final paper and during class discussion.


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