• Law and Economics Workshop – 6865

    Spring 2019




  • Grad. Requirements
    • Upper Division Legal Writing
    Subject Area
    • Business Law *
    • Corporate Law
    • Perspectives
    Student Year
    Upper Division, LL.M.
    Grade Base
    A - F
    Course type

This seminar primarily consists of presentations by leading law and economics scholars on major issues in law and economics, with a different focus each year.


After an introductory session, the seminar will consist of paper presentations by prominent scholars in the field. Students will be required to write short critiques/commentaries on the papers. A student’s grade will be based 75% on her papers, and 25% on her class participation.

As the coverage of this seminar is different each year, students may take this seminar in both their 2nd and 3rd years.

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