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Public Law
  • Student Year
    Upper Division
    Course type
    Grad. Requirements
    Upper Division Legal Writing

Grad. Requirements

Upper Division Legal Writing

This seminar has three goals. First, and most important, the seminar allows you to write a research paper on a subject of your choice. Second, the seminar aims to introduce you to selected tools used for policy analysis such as cost-benefit analysis. Third, the seminar introduces you to selected issues concerning education.

As to the paper, you may pick any topic which provides you with professionally relevant intellectual capital that you wish to acquire. The topic must be sufficiently narrow that you can make an intellectual contribution to the subject you present. A broad subject which might require a book-length treatment for the author to make a contribution would not be appropriate.

During the last third of the semester each of you will present your research topic to the class. Most often the presentation is of a draft, not a final version, of your paper.

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