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Many of the most challenging issues of the 21st century will be those at the intersection of law and the life sciences. How do we govern research, assess the safety and potential impact of new technologies, and regulate or even ban them? This seminar will explore those questions, examining a wide range of developments in health, environment, and the life sciences, such as genomics, gene therapy, genetically modified organisms, genetic patents, ecosystems change, environmental health, managed care, and challenges to public health. Weekly presentation will be made by faculty drawn from graduate programs affiliated with the Joint Degree Program in Law, Science & Techonology. Faculty will lead discussion of articles on topics that may range from science policy and regulation of genetic engineering to natural resource conservation and international harmonization of pharmaceutical patents. The seminar is required each year for Joint Degree Program students and open to other students by consent of the instructor. Students will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis for satisfactory participation.


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