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Upper Division Legal Writing

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Family Law *
Tax Law
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The traditional area of trust law has experienced a number of new and major developments in the last couple of years and the changes are continuing. The Seminar will examine and analyze the effect of these new developments in traditional trust law, including: the New Minnesota Trust Code; the Uniform Trust Decanting Act; a Uniform Divided Trusteeships Act; the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act; and the Interjurisdictional Recognition of Subsitute Decision-Making Documents. This Seminar will enable students who intend to have an estate planning practice or a general practice that includes the drafting of wills and trusts to have an in-depth understanding of these new developments.

Each student in the Seminar will write a paper analyzing the changes in traditional trust law as a result of the new statutes.  The papers will be presented and discussed in the Seminar.  The students’ grades in the Seminar will be based upon the grade on their papers, although their grade may be adjusted upward for class participation. The Seminar will satisfy the Upper Division Writing Requirement.

Materials that include copies of all of the new statutes will be available for students on TWEN.

The Seminar will meet for 13 sessions of two hours each.


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