• Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi Civil Practice Clinic – 7000

    Fall 2013*

    * Multi-semester course




The Civil Practice Clinic is the oldest of the Law School’s clinical programs. Each year, students in this program handle approximately 150 civil cases on behalf of low income clients. The Civil Practice Clinic introduces students to the practice of lawyering through a combination of instructional methods. Weekly classroom sessions explore topics such as interviewing, negotiation, drafting, motion practice, and discovery. Simulated exercises allow students to apply classroom learning in a life-like setting. Finally, each student handles approximately three live cases involving topics such as family, disability, and discrimination law. These cases provide student attorneys with the opportunity to participate in almost all aspects of the lawyering process including actual court and administrative hearings.

The Clinic course is a two semester program for which students earn a total of seven credits. Students may begin their participation in the Civil Practice Clinic in either Fall or Spring semester. Each year, four to six third-year students are selected as student directors who act as junior partners in the Clinic law firm. The directors supervise beginning student attorneys and handle the most difficult of the Clinic cases.

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