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Civil Litigation *
Labor & Employment Law *
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    Upper Division
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    A - F
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The Employment Law Clinic provides student attorneys with a unique look at both sides of the employment relationship. Student attorneys are introduced to the employer’s perspective through representation of small business owners. Beginning with transactional-type interviewing (obtaining small business owner objectives and business information, assessing employer’s level of preparation and experience with employees, and providing client counseling to small business owners). Student attorneys may draft and revise business documents and employment policies, counsel on employment issues, and assist small business owners in the proper management of their employees. Student attorneys are introduced to the employee’s perspective through litigating unemployment insurance appeals. These appeals require full representation, including client interviewing, counseling, preparation and execution of direct and cross examination, as well as closing statements. Student attorneys interface with the DEED website on behalf of the client, represent the client in the telephonic appeal hearing, and manage every aspect of the lawyer/client relationship with the assistance of a supervising attorney well-versed in the management of these cases. 

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