• Bankruptcy Clinic – 7092

    Fall 2013*

    * Multi-semester course




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    • Business Law *
    • Civil Litigation *
    • Commercial Law
    • Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Advocacy
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    Upper Division
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The Bankruptcy Clinic offers students the opportunity to advise and represent individuals in serious financial difficulty. This two-semester, four-credit course includes a classroom component, which prepares the students to counsel clients about consumer bankruptcy, introduces important portions of the Bankruptcy Code and Rules, and discusses the students’ cases in a group setting. This classroom component also features guest speakers, such as bankruptcy judges, panel trustees, and local practitioners. Students will receive training from Bankruptcy Court staff in electronic filing.

The majority of the course will be actually representing clients in financial difficulty. This includes advising them of their options, communicating with their creditors, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, and representing clients at the meeting of creditors. Students may also have the opportunity to represent clients in adversary proceedings, including discovery and trial as well as settlement negotiations with both creditors and the U.S. Trustee. Occasionally, students represent individual creditors as well.

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