• Human Rights Law Field Placement – 7622

    Fall 2019




  • Grad. Requirements
    • Experiential Learning
    Subject Area
    • Human Rights *
    Student Year
    Upper Division, LL.M.
    Grade Base
    Course type
    Field Work

This course allows students to learn about human rights law in practice by working directly with organizations and practitioners in the field. In addition to the supervised placement work, students in this course will meet periodically throughout the semester to share and assess the experience. Prior to enrolling, students should contact the instructor directly to identify a potential host organization that would fit the student’s background and interests.

After obtaining pre-approval from the instructor, students interested in doing a human rights field placement for credit should enroll in this course and not in LAW 7607 or 7609. Evaluations for this course will be HP/P/LP/F. International Human Rights Law 6886 or International Law 6011/6071 are recommended prerequisites for enrolling in a human rights law field placement.

All students must read the Rules for Supervised Field Placements before registering.

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