• Business Law Clinic – 7860

    Fall 2018*

    * Multi-semester course




  • Prerequisites

    JD only. JD only. Must be a 3L and have completed the following pre-requisites to be eligible for the Business Law Clinic: LAW 6016/6076 Essentials of Business for Lawyers or LAW 6051 Business Associations & Corporations, and one of the following courses: LAW 6055 Advanced Corporate Law; LAW 6102 Mergers & Acquisitions; LAW 6107 Bankruptcy; LAW 6109 Creditor's Remedies/Secured Transactions; LAW 6114 Partnership Taxation; LAW 6211 Federal Securities Regulation; LAW 6837 Contract Drafting; LAW 6857 Corp. Tax

    Grad. Requirements
    • Experiential Learning
    Subject Area
    • Business Law *
    • Corporate Law
    Student Year
    Upper Division
    Grade Base
    A - F
    Course type

The Business Law Clinic is a two-semester 6-credit experience for 3Ls. Students gain broad experience providing legal assistance in non-litigation matters to small businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs. Clients will work at the Law School with a team consisting of two clinic students and an experienced, licensed business law and corporate attorney from area law firms and corporations who provide supervision. Our Clinic practice closely replicates the practice of business law.

Legal Services Offered: The Business Law Clinic provides assistance with transactional business matters. It does not provide assistance with litigation, although providing advice and assistance that could prevent litigation. Examples of legal work: Choice of business structure (partnership, LLC, etc.), including for-profit and nonprofit organizations; Copyright, trademark, trade name, licensing (not patents); Contracts and commercial leases; Government regulation, licensing and Federal tax and employer ID numbers; Employment; Real estate; Director duties and internal organization; Independent contractor agreements; Nondisclosure documents; Ownership distribution, shareholder control agreements

Client referral sources include: Carlson School of Management’s Business Hatchery and Entrepreneurship in Action; Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers; Metropolitan Economic Development Association; Small Business Administration Veterans Services Program

The course includes up to 55 hours of classroom transactional skills training primarily concentrated in the Fall Semester with two classes per week. In mid-October classes move to once per week, as students start to work on newly-assigned client matters. There are up to five classes total in the Spring Semester, as students continue to take on additional clients. Classroom work includes a review of transactional law, client working relationships, negotiation and drafting, as well as assessments of problem solving and communication styles, and professionalism.

Additional Commitments: This is a two-semester course. As per the Clinic Registration Memo, students who choose to drop or are unable to complete both semesters of any 2-semester clinic, for any reason, will receive either an “F” or a “W” for the first semester.

What to expect when working on cases and with clients: Students will take on an average 5 client cases throughout the 2-semester course. Students will meet with clients in person in the conference room in the Clinic offices, and other times will consult by telephone, email or other correspondence. Clients of this Clinic are all transactional business clients, with most being entrepreneurs seeking to start-up or grow an emerging business.

NOTE: This course requires certification pursuant to the student practice rule and is open to JD students only.

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