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Before your Exam

Download ExamSoft software

Questions or concerns? Email lawexams@umn.edu.

Download and take a Mock Exam

Taking one or more mock exams will give you the opportunity to work with ExamSoft/Examplify in a stress-free environment, practicing skills that should make your actual exams go more smoothly. There is no limit to the number of times you may take the mock exams.

  1. Install Examplify if you have not done so yet.
  2. Open Examplify on your laptop.
  3. Download one or more mock exams: All available mock exams will appear on the Examplify home screen in a section named Available for Download. See the Examplify Installation and Registration video at 3:40 for mock exam download instructions.
  4. Mock Exam password: password1

Have an ExamSoft problem?

Contact the ExamSoft Support Team at 866-429-8889 for the U.S. and Canada.

Learn Key Examplify Features

Important features of Examplify are explained in the following ExamSoft guides:

Adding Notes - The Notes feature is typically used by faculty to provide a space for exam takers to enter explanations/rationale on multiple choice or true/false questions.

If Notes are enabled for your exam, they will automatically be sent to the faculty giving the exam. You do NOT need to check the Request Feedback checkbox to ensure your notes are sent to the faculty. 

Viewing PDF Attachments - Some exam files may not include PDF attachments.

Checking Word Count - Word counts can differ between programs. The Examplify word count will be used by faculty for exams with word count limits.

Source: UMN Law Student Technology site

Confirm the Time and Date of your Exams

Find Answers to your Questions

Do you have questions about anything exam related? Review the Exam FAQs. If you still have questions, contact lawdos@umn.edu.

Review Exam Instructions

Exam instructions submitted by your faculty are placed in an Exam Instructions folder as they are received. If you don’t find the instructions for your class, make sure to check again later.

The Standardized Remote Exam Instructions template is available for your review. This information also appears in the instructions for each exam.

NOTE: If these instructions differ from what your professor has noted in class, please contact the Registrar at lawreg@umn.edu  immediately. 

Request an Exam Variance if applicable

Variances are granted only for specific and limited circumstances, including:

  • disability accommodations
  • non-native English proficiency (for students with very limited experience living, working, or learning in an English-language setting)
  • time conflict with another scheduled exam or quiz, or
  • other extenuating circumstances. The Law School considers conflicts with religious observance to be an extenuating circumstance for which a variance can be applied.

NOTE: Any student who experiences a serious illness or other emergency near in time to a scheduled exam may request an Emergency Variance closer in time to an exam by contacting Student Affairs at lawdos@umn.edu.

  • Midterm variance application If you need both midterm and final exam variances, you must complete both applications.
  • Final exam variance application Responses to variance requests received by April 5th will be sent to students’ University email addresses the week of April 19th. You can still request a variance if you need one. New requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Take Advantage of Practice Exams and Study Aids

Past Exams: The Law Library coordinates with faculty members to make past exams available late in the semester. If available, past exams may be found on the Library Course Page of each course listed on your Canvas dashboard.

Contact the Law Library Reserves [lawrsv@umn.edu] with questions about this process.

Practice Exams for 1Ls: SSG instructors will also be hosting structured practice exam opportunities. For more information, talk with your SSG instructor.

Study Aids: The Library also has free electronic access to a wide range of study aids in coursework across the curriculum. CALI exercises are also available to our students at the Law Library Reference Desk.

Reference Librarians [law-ref@umn.edu or 612-625-4309] are great resources for general questions about study aid resources.

The Law Council has provided a Study Aid Series Guide for you.

Take one or more Mock Exams (at 3:40 in this video).

During the Exam

Enter Notes, View PDFs, and Check Word Count

Have a Computer Problem? Contact ExamSoft

If you encounter an issue with your computer during the exam, get in touch with ExamSoft.

Get Help at the Virtual Exam Center (VEC)

Student Affairs and Law Exams staff will be accessible during the final exam period. Visit VEC on Zoom for quick exam concerns that arise during the exam period.


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