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Rules & Policies

The conduct of law students and members of the Law School community are governed by a range of Law School, University, and professional rules and expectations. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with expectations, but can seek guidance or clarification through the Assistant Dean of Students ( or Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (

Law School Rules

Law School Academic Rules

These official rules govern academic life and degree requirements at the Law School. Download the latest revision PDF iconhere.

Law School Honor Code

The current University of Minnesota Law School Honor Code as approved by the student body in September 2014 is available PDF iconhere.

Academic Policies

Click here for the academic policies, which detail the implementation of governing Law School Academic Rules and/or ABA standards.

Administrative Policies

Click here for the administrative policies, which govern expectations for use and access of Law School facilities and resources.

University Rules and Policies

Code of Conduct

Equity, Diversity, Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

Sexual Harassment

Student Academic Complaints

Student Conduct Code

Professional Rules and Standards

Model Rules of Professional Conduct

PDF iconMinnesota Attorney Standards

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