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Annual and endowment support: Secure the Law School’s place at the forefront of legal education

$10 million

The Law School’s bold vision to lead requires dependable resources. Historically, tuition has never fully covered the costs of education, and nearly every graduate—whether from the 1960s, 1980s, or 2000s—has benefited from a “silent scholarship” made possible through substantial state funding and generous annual support from alumni and the legal community. The Law School’s minimal reliance on state support, combined with intense competition from wealthier peer institutions for outstanding students and faculty, has made private philanthropy more critical than ever to our future success.

With new funding, we will:

  • Grow the annual fund to provide immediate resources that maintain our excellence and strengthen our position as an elite law school
  • Increase our endowment to provide greater permanent support for strategic priorities that sustain our national standing and reputation
  • Continually adapt our curriculum and learning experiences to reflect the needs of our students and respond to changes in the legal profession


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