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Student support: Attract promising students, and graduate lawyers ready to practice, serve, and lead

$30 million

Competition for the most promising law students is intense among leading law schools, and scholarships remain a dominant factor. We must provide generous financial aid to attract the talented and diverse students who can become the next generation of lawyer-leaders our law firms, businesses, governments, and public interest organizations need. Equally important, as part of a great public university, this Law School has a responsibility to make a first-rate legal education accessible and affordable.

With new funding, we will:

  • Ease debt burdens and strengthen our ability to enroll outstanding students who otherwise might be unable to afford a legal education
  • Create scholarships focused on diversity, leadership, public service, and international perspectives
  • Support students entering public service through extensive programming, individualized career counseling, formative summer work experiences, and postgraduate fellowships
  • Enhance the resources available to recruit and support students and advance their professional development as they transition to successful careers


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