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Annual Fund Chair Barb D'Aquila '80A message from Barb D’Aquilla ‘80
2019-2020 Annual Fund Chair

We can make a difference. Think about it. As professionals with a fantastic education from our top-ranked University of Minnesota Law School or as friends of this great school, we strive every day in our work and personal lives to make a difference. Sometimes we do, and sometimes not so much. The good news is this is one time that I can unequivocally promise you that we can and will make a positive difference! So, I am hoping you will join me in what is guaranteed success and make a gift to Minnesota Law

As we make our meaningful gifts to our esteemed alma mater, we will ensure that our Law School attracts the best, brightest, and most diverse student body, employs first-rate, exceptional faculty, and provides an innovative curriculum, robust career services, and enhanced bar preparation – all of which bring our Law School its well-deserved prestige and excellent ranking in this highly competitive market. How can you decline this opportunity for success? 

I get it. I know that there is great competition for our charitable dollars. But, as a member of the Board of Advisors, I can tell you firsthand that I see the remarkable differences our contributions make. I know the money we contribute is the difference in an increased Law School presence, heightened visibility, and a superior reputation nationwide.  Our gifts as alumni and friends ensure a world-class education for the next generation. And our contributions help our Law School to maintain and even rise in the rankings, giving us important bragging rights about the place from which we hail.

When asked to serve as this year’s Annual Fund Chair, I jumped at the opportunity. Why? I care and I want to give back to the school that gave me a strong legal foundation. I want our school’s law students to have at least the same and even better opportunities than we did. I know you do, as well. So make a gift now. It is that simple. And know you made a difference in the lives of others. Our wonderful alma mater depends on our stewardship. Don’t let it down.

Kindest regards,

Barbara D’Aquila, Class of ’80
2019-2020 Annual Fund Chair 

For more information or questions about giving to Minnesota Law, please contact Lizzy Beghelli, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at (612) 624-0097 or

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