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Endowment Gifts

A strong endowment ensures that there is an enduring source of funding for immediate and future needs. Endowments grow over time to create a legacy of learning, research, and scholarship as they extend the impact of the donor’s generosity beyond a lifetime.

Donors interested in exploring the possibility of making a larger lasting investment in the Law School through an endowed gift should contact David Jensen, Director of Advancement at (612) 625-2060 or  

Endowment basics

The principal is invested by the University of Minnesota Foundation and a portion of the fund’s value, currently 4.5 percent, is made available each year to support the purpose determined by the donor.  To guard against the eroding consequences of inflation, the remaining portion of investment return is then added to the principal. The goal is to ensure that the principal maintains its purchasing power.

Endowments can be created with gifts of cash, securities, and other assets. They can be established through one-time gifts, estate gifts, and multiyear pledges. Although the minimum amount required to create an endowment fund is $50,000, larger amounts are recommended or required for certain purposes. 

Law School Naming Opportunities for Endowed Gifts

The University of Minnesota Foundation’s website is also a good resource of information about endowed gifts.

Leadership Lifetime Giving Societies

The 1888 Society – Planned Gifts

The 1888 Society celebrates the founding of the University of Minnesota Law School in 1888 and the future of the Law School made possible by the generous individuals who have created a lasting legacy by including the Law School in their estate or financial plans. The Law School will recognize your planned gift through enrollment in our 1888 Society, the University of Minnesota’s Heritage Society, and recognition at the Law School and in various published materials.

For more information about planned giving, go here.

Lifetime Giving

Lifetime leadership donors with cumulative outright, pledged, and deferred giving greater than $25,000 to the Law School are recognized with deepest appreciation and permanently honored on a beautiful plaque in the Dorsey Foyer.


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