Institute for Law and Economics

Institute for Law & Economics

The Institute for Law & Economics was established in 2006 as one of the several centers that specialize in interdisciplinary methods at the University of Minnesota. The Law & Economics Institute contributes to this mission of the University by promoting interdisciplinary research at the interface of economics and the law. Economics provides a tool for studying how legal rules affect human behavior, offering a unique methodology to understand and address contemporary legal and social problems. The Institute seeks to promote interdisciplinary collaborations within the University, as well as with other centers and scholars, nationally and internationally. The Institute for Law & Economics will conduct seminars, organize conferences, sponsor activities in conjunction with other interdisciplinary centers, and host distinguished visitors. Through these efforts the Institute hopes to offer a privileged opportunity for students and faculty alike to add an important dimension to traditional legal education.

The Institute for Law and Economics is also affiliated with the Institute for Law and Rationality.

Advisory Board


Brett McDonnell

Francesco Parisi

Claire Hill
Associate Director

New Directions in Corporate Governance

April 20, 2018 New Directions in Corporate Governance

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